General Terms and Conditions, Participation and Exhibition Conditions

1. Organisers

Horst Peters (Tattoo 4 You) and Michael Masmeier (Mo´s Tattoos) are the organisers of the 20th Wuppertal Tattoo Convention on 05 and 06 September 2020 at the Historische Stadthalle in Wuppertal. (Hereinafter referred to as "Organiser").

2. Registration

Registrations must be made using the booking request form, which has to be completed online. If a free space is available, the invoice amount and reason for payment will be sent by email. Once the payment has been credited to the Organiser's account, the booth is definitively reserved and the invoice sent by email. This invoice must be brought to the Convention and shown to the Organiser. If the payment is not credited to the Organiser's account by the due date, entitlement to reservation of the space expires.

3. Acceptance of the contract

(1) The contract becomes effective in writing when the invoice is sent by the Organiser. There is no legal entitlement to the conclusion of a contract.

(2) The Organiser can, for objectively justifiable reasons, exclude individual Exhibitors or vendors from participation, particularly if insufficient space is available at the venue. If required in order to achieve the purpose of the event, the Organiser is entitled to limit the event to specific exhibitors, vendors and visitor groups. The exclusion of competitors may neither be requested nor granted.

4. Publication of names

Upon registration, the Exhibitor grants the Organiser his or her consent to publication and storage of the registered person's name as well as any other necessary details.

5. Cancellation, relocation, postponement and change of duration of the Convention

The Organiser is entitled to cancel the Convention for good cause, to relocate or postpone it, to change its duration, or, if spatial constraints or other compelling circumstances require, to relocate an assigned Exhibitor booth space, as well as to change and/or limit its dimensions. Any relocation, postponement or other change becomes part of the contract upon notification to the Exhibitor.

(1) The Organiser also has the right to cancel the event if the expected minimum number of registrations is not received and the Convention is no longer economically viable in its envisaged form. Claims for damages are excluded for both parties in all cases.

(2) If the Organiser is responsible for such cancellation of the Convention, no payment is due on the part of the Exhibitor.

(3) If the Organiser is required to shorten the duration of an event which has already started for reasons of force majeure or for any other reasons for which the Organizer cannot be held responsible, the Exhibitor is neither entitled to full nor partial refund of the booth rental fees.

6. Terms of payment

Following registration, the Exhibitor receives an invoice for the booth rental fees from the Organiser in accordance with the details contained in the registration form. The invoiced amount must be paid by the due date. The due date is four weeks after registration. If payment of the booth rental fees is not received by the due date, the Organiser is entitled to terminate the contract without notice. In this event, the Organiser is released from the obligation to provide the service. The Exhibitor is nevertheless obligated to pay the booth rental fee in full. All fees are quoted net, plus the statutory VAT. The booth rental fee must also be paid by the Exhibitor in the case of non-participation at the event.

7. Sub-exhibitors, co-exhibitors, transfer of booth usage to third parties

The Exhibitor is not entitled to completely or partially rent, otherwise transfer the usage of, or exchange the booth assigned to him or her without written permission from the event management.

8. Termination

The Organiser is entitled to terminate the contract on exceptional grounds if:

(1) The Exhibitor has provided false information.

(2) Merchandise which has not been declared or authorised is exhibited or intended for exhibition.

(3) The Exhibitor has not begun to set up his or her booth by 8.00 a.m. on 05 September 2020at the latest.

(4) The booth rental fee has not been received by the due date.

(5) The Exhibitor has assigned his or her rights under the contract to third parties without prior written authorisation.

In the event of a termination on exceptional grounds by the Organiser, the Organiser is released from the obligation to provide the service. The Exhibitor must, nevertheless, still pay the booth rental fee in full.

9. GEMA (German association for the protection of musical performance and reproduction rights)

The Organiser is responsible for the entertainment programme and any applicable GEMA fees relating to it. Exhibitors are prohibited from offering entertainment subject to fees during the Convention. This applies in particular to the reproduction of music in the booths.

10. Serving of food and beverages

The Exhibitor is prohibited from serving food and/or beverages to visitors, whether in return for payment or free of charge.

11. Booth set-up & dismantling

The setting up of booths must begin by 8:00 a.m. at the latest and must be complete by 11.00 a.m. at the latest. The Exhibitor is obligated to complete his or her booth within the stipulated times. If this is not the case, the Organiser is entitled to make alternative use of the booth. In this case, the Exhibitor is liable for the booth rental fee as well as any further costs incurred. Claims for compensation on the part of the Exhibitor are excluded in all cases.

12. Dismantling

No stand may be partially or completely removed before the end of the Convention on 06 September 2020 at 7:00 p.m., unless agreed in advance with the Organiser. Exhibitors in breach of this provision must pay a contractual penalty amounting to half the booth rental fee. The Exhibitor is liable for any damage to floors, walls, or to any of the materials provided. The booth space must be returned in its initial condition, at the latest at the time allocated for completion of dismantling. Any damage must be fully repaired. Otherwise, the Organiser is entitled to have the damage repaired professionally. These costs must be borne by the Exhibitor. The Organiser also reserves the right to assert additional claims for damages. Booths which are not dismantled will be dismantled by the Organiser at the Exhibitor's cost.

13. Booth design

Floors, hall walls, columns, fittings and fire protection equipment, as well as other permanent hall fixtures may not be painted. Neither may anything be affixed to them with adhesives nor nailed to them and they must not be damaged in any way. The Exhibitor is liable and will be invoiced for any damage caused. Moreover, the technical guidelines of the venue must be observed at all times.

14. Booth usage

(1) The Organiser is entitled to verify that the Exhibitor is using the booth provided in accordance with its intended purpose and in compliance with the provisions of the contract.

(2) If non-approved or undeclared merchandise/services are on offer at the booth, the Organiser is entitled to have the booth cleared at the Exhibitor's expense.

(3) The Exhibitor is responsible for ensuring compliance with all the laws, guidelines and regulations relating to his or her offerings. If the Organiser becomes aware of any infringement, he is entitled to have the booth cleared at the Exhibitor's expense.

15. Exhibitor passes

Upon full payment of the booth rental fee, the Exhibitor receives exhibitor passes free of charge, which provide free access to the Conference premises and the exhibitors' area. These exhibitor passes are intended exclusively for the named, known Exhibitor and his or her booth staff, and are not transferable. In the event of misuse, passes will be confiscated without compensation.

16. Hygiene

For reasons of hygiene, smoking is prohibited throughout the venue. No animals are allowed. All tattoo artists must work in accordance with the German hygiene regulations, i.e. sterile packaged working materials (needles, grips etc.), listed disinfectants (hands, surfaces etc.) and a valid steriliser report for the steriliser brought to the Convention must be available. Checks may be carried out by the health and hygiene authorities. The costs for these checks must be borne by the Exhibitor.

17. Booth operation

The Exhibitor is obligated to display the declared merchandise and provide the declared services on the booth throughout the duration of the Convention and to have the booth staffed by professional personnel at all times. The Organiser is responsible for cleaning the premises, the hall and the corridors. Cleaning of the booth is the obligation of the Exhibitor and must be carried out at least once daily after the exhibition closes. The Exhibitor is obligated to observe the waste disposal and separation regulations.

18. Photography, drawing, filming

(1) Commercial photography and filming within the venue premises is only permitted for companies/persons with written authorisation. The Organiser is entitled to take photographs and film for his own purposes.

(2) If the Exhibitor, his or her booth, offerings or parts thereof are photographed or filmed in the context of (1) and/or (2), he or she automatically cedes the rights to these images with this contract. No further consent is required for use of images, sound recordings or films by authorised persons in the context of the event.

19. General

Persons under the age of 18 may not be tattooed unless they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. The Organiser accepts no liability for the tattoos or piercings carried out. Each Exhibitor is responsible for the cleanliness of his or her booth space and must leave the booth space clean at the end of the event. The Organiser's instructions must be observed without reservation. Claims against the Organiser must be asserted within 2 weeks of the event, otherwise, they will be considered void.

20. Liability

The Organiser accepts no liability for damage to exhibits or booth equipment, or any consequential damage. If the event is cancelled or abandoned as a result of force majeure, the Organiser is released from the obligation to provide the service. In this case, the Organiser is not obligated to reimburse any Exhibitor payments already received. The Organiser provides no guarantee in relation to the success of whatever nature of the event. Neither does the Organiser provide any guarantee with regard to the profit or sales expectations of the Exhibitor.

21. Security

General security for the premises and the hall is provided by the Organiser, without liability for cases of loss or damage. The Exhibitor is responsible for supervising and guarding his or her booth. This also applies during the set-up and dismantling times outside the opening hours.

22. Services provided by the Organiser

A power outlet, bin liners, kitchen rolls and distilled water are provided free of charge to each booth. Printed media are available.

23. Insurance

All Exhibitors are obligated to independently take out sufficient insurance cover. Conclusion of an appropriate insurance is recommended. The Organiser bears the general liability risk for the event. He takes out liability insurance to cover any personal injury and material damages.

24. Miscellaneous

Collateral agreements are only legally binding if available in writing and confirmed by the Organiser.

25. Place of fulfilment/Legal venue

The place of fulfilment and legal venue are the domicile of the Organiser, Wuppertal. For the legal relationship between the Organiser and Exhibitor, the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany apply.